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Endurance X Hanguards

Product Information

  • Closed handguard with aluminum bar and bracelets
  • Ultra-durable closed handguard designed for those seeking greater protection while competing or riding in Enduro, hard-enduro, and cross-country racing. 
  • 1) Equipped with a 35mm "C" section ANTICORODAL bar. Provides 5 times more resistance than the classic handguard with an aluminum bar.
    2) The cuffs, oversized with a thickness of 19 mm, guarantee greater strength and increased torsional capacity
    3) Expanders made entirely of steel.
  • Cover:
    1) Impact resistant
    2) Wide area to protect the pilot's hands more
    3) Flexible lower area to absorb accidental contact with the knee.
  • Brake/clutch levers and pump assemblies
  • Mounting kit included:
    Mounts to all off-road competition bikes (motocross and enduro) with HANDLEBARS SIZE:
    - Inner size from 13.5mm TO 16mm
    - Outer size from 22mm TO 28mm.
  • For maxi enduro see applications.
  • Co-molded logo