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Raptor Front Number Plates

Product Information

  • New design studied for a greater protection of the lower triple clamp
  • Made of a shock absorbing rubber material

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I was looking for some additional protection for the front triple clamps.  As a racer, the front end takes a lot of roost and really starts to beat up the triple clamp.  This is especially the case if they are black coated and will start to show dings, rock chips, as well as dull. I didn't know what to expect with the Raptor front number plate and thought that it was all standard plastic but it is not; the lower covers are rubber which is a perfect material to provide a secure wrapping around the forks and clamps. The number plate with extra rubber guards are a must for any motocross racer and, while such a simple enhancement over the stock number plate, a very innovative improvement.  They also pair nicely with Acerbis' upper fork guards for full front fork protection.
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