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I've had this tank for a couple of months and absolutely love my increased range. The tanks shaping and size dont hinder my riding and even when full doesnt feel too sloshy or off balance. The tanks fit and finish are top notch as always, and honestly the tank complements the overall look of the bike.


I have a variation of this tank on both a 2016 FE501 and 2016 450xcw and would happily recommend it to anyone who needs the added range. While it's a slightly larger tank, it doesn't greatly detract from handling of the bike. Perfect in Baja! Fitment is excellent and it has taken some massive hits while staying secure. I only wish the neck area was slightly higher to accomodate installing a dry break receiver without some sort of upper spacer, but very, very few people will care about that so it hardly merits complaint. I do worry slightly about eventually stripping the plastic from installing and removing the fuel pump and have opted instead for a secondary fuel pump system in my spare tank.
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